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Welcome! Come learn about the Employment process at Washington College.

Centralized employment provides all students with an equal opportunity to view job openings and assures that both departmental and work-study students have the means to locate employment opportunities.

Although we cannot guarantee employment, interested students are almost always able to find job opportunities on campus during their time here, assuming they are flexible about where and when they’re willing to work.

First, select several positions you are interested in applying for. Once you are selected for the position you will be notified by the Student Employment Office to start the onboarding process through Paycom.

In preparation for getting a campus job, your student employment file must be complete. Before you can begin work, you must start the onboarding process through Paycom.

Please ignore any messages from JobX to complete, upload or submit any forms. We are no longer using JobX for this particular process.

If you have any questions please email In the subject line enter Student Employment Question

  • Student Pay Pack Instructions Step 1 of 2

    Below you will find an official list of required documents for the I9. Below is an abbreviated list of the approved documents

    Please Choose one of the options below:

    • Passport & voided check, OR
    • Driver's License, Social Security Card, and a voided check, OR
    • Driver's License, Birth Certificate, and voided check

    Note: The I-9 Form is a federal document that requires original forms of identification and employment eligibility documents must be presented in person. Refer to the I-9 Form List of Acceptable Documents.

    If you don't have checks, ask your bank for a direct deposit form with your name, full account number, and bank routing number. If that is not possible,  There is a bank across the street from WC and a PNC Bank just past Walgreens.

    If you do not have these items with you, please have someone from home send the copies to you.

    Once you have everything mentioned above, you can start your onboarding process in Paycom. 


Current Employees
  • Work Authorization

    To be clear, you cannot start working until all documents are received and your student hire process is complete, EVEN IF YOUR SUPERVISOR SAYS SO. Should you violate this policy, you can lose your employment for the semester.

  • Maryland Form MW507

    Complete, Save, & Submit

  • Direct Deposit Change Form

    To change your bank for direct deposit please log in to Paycom.

  • Payroll Schedule

    Download all the required Sample Institution forms here.

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